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Ultrasn0w is free software developed by iPhone Dev Team. You can download this one with 100% free. You can use Ultrasnow only with already jailbroken iPhone. It's not iPhone jailbreaking tool. Ultrasnow only can use to carrier unlock for iPhone.

Normally you have internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to download and install Ultrasnow

Cydia Download
If you donít jailbreak your device yet, we recommend to use Redsn0w .You can download redsn0w downloader from following link.

Ultrasn0w only for iPhone. Because iPad and iPods don't carrier lock by apple
Redsn0w Download

Redsnow jailbreak

Redsnow untethered jailbreak
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[Redsnow for iPhone 3G]
[Redsnow for iPhone 3GS]
[Redsnow for iPhone4]
[Redsnow for iPod]
[Redsnow for iPhone5]
[Redsnow for iOS]
What is the DFU mode?

IPod DFU mode
Ipad DFU Mode
Ultrasnow Download

Redsnow vs ultrasnow

Yellowsn0w download
Ultrasn0w Download software will release soon.

Using Ultrasnow download you can install ultrasnow to directly to your iPhone with your Windows computer
How to unlock with Ultrasn0w

Ultrasn0w also released by iPhone dev team. You must have jailbreak your device before use uLtrasn0w with it. iPhone unlocking with ultrasn0w is very easy

You have consider about your baseband before unlock iPhones with ultrasnow

Go to your iPhone setting --> general -- > About

If your iphones have following they can unlock with Ultrasn0w

iPhone 4 - 01.59.00
iPhone 3GS - 04.26.08 / 05.11.07/ 05.12.01 / 05.13.04 /  06.15.00

Open cydia and install ultrasn0w with it

Search as ultrasn0w or add source as typing following url

Utrasn0w install without internet and wifi
Then ultrasn0w will install and restart your device.
Now you have done. You can use any sim with your iPhone
Ultrasn0w copyrighted to iPhone Dev Team.

There is no Windows, Mac or Linux version to download Ultrasnow.  You can download new version of Ultrasnow with Cydia. But you have already jail broken your Apple device.
If you don't have wi-fi connection or internet connection to your device?
You have been jailbroken your device using Redsn0w, Snowbreeze to follow this method. If your device has been jailbroken using limera1n, this may not work. Download ultrasn0w manually using following link
We like to discuss Redsn0w Vs Ultrasn0w because some people do not know different between these tools.

Redsnow and Ultrasn0w are completely different tools. Redsn0w is the Apple devices jailbreaking tool and Ultrasn0w is for unlocking devices.

Redsn0w available for windows, Mac. But Ultrasn0w only available for Cydia repo

This means you can't unlock your iPhone using third party device like PC.

If you want to use Ulltrasn0w to unlock your iPhones you have been already jailbroken your iPhone with Redsn0w.

About Yellowsn0w and how to download for your iPhone

Yellowsn0w Download
Yellosn0w download is not available. Developers change  Yellowsn0w  name as Ultrasnow.

Note - we recommend to use Redsn0w. Becuase it's a complete solution to jailbreak and unlock any device such as iPhones, iPods or iPads
"Yellowsn0w Download" allows you to download  Yellosn0w latest version for direct download links
About Yellowsn0w

Copyright 2007-2011 iPhone Dev-Team.
Yell0wsnow for not cormecial use. You can passit but selling is completely prohibited
Minimum System Requirements for Yellowsn0w Download

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Seven
CPU: Pentium IV, 256Mhz
Memory (RAM): 256MB
Hard Disk: 40MB free space

The Apple name and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch names are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Yellowsn0w copyrighted to iPhone dev team